The Papin Sisters

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The Lancelin Family and the Papin Sisters The Lancelin family M. This week we are discussing the Papin Sisters two maids who horrifically murdered the wife and.

Papin Sisters

The Puppini Sisters Often copied never equalled this truly original trio founded in 2004 by Marcella Puppini and featuring Kate Mullins and Emma Smith seamlessly blend elegance and sophistication with a touch of retro and turn it into a must have lifestyle. The Lancelin Family and the Papin Sisters The Lancelin family M. In a case that shocked the nation maids Christine and Lea Papin admit to the murder of the mother and daughter of their master.Want to watch more fulllength. Here is Jessica Papins obituary. Christine had wanted to become a nun just like the girls older sister Emilia but their mother forbade it. In 1933 Christine and Lea housemaids in their twenties stabbed and beat to death their employer. Christine and Lea Papin were ordinary underpaid French maids right up until the day they brained their employers with. Their mom was Clémence Derré and their dad was Gustave Papin. Gustav Papin Christine and Léas father was not only an alcoholic but had raped his eldest daughter Emilia at the age of 9. A sudden and gruesome act by the sisters would shock the country of France and would be regarded as . It was pointed out often by the woman of the house Leonie Lancelin often in cruel ways as the the sisters would later say. Christine and Léa Papin were two quiet French girls who committed one of the most heinous acts in. When the wife of the household. Oddie Beaus ODDNESS Urban exploration engineer of the macabre creator of world famous historical features.and other weird stuff. Christine Papin and Léa Papin were two French maids who murdered their employers wife and daughter in Le Mans.

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