Welcome to the Orthodox Church

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Författare: Frederica Mathewes-Green

Welcome to the Orthodox Church Join Frederica MathewesGreen on a journey into the Eastern Orthodox Church. The bishop that ordains an Orthodox priest today can trace his ordination historically .

Frederica Mathewes Green

We are located approximately 100. Learn about Orthodox teachings and dogma Orthodox architecture and terminology and what it means to live an Orthodox life. Welcome to the Orthodox Church An Introduction to Eastern Christianity. Greek Orthodox. Inviting rather than argumentative this is a book Orthodox Christians will be giving to their friends. Liturgical language Church . If you are an Orthodox Christian and you have prepared yourself to receive Holy Communion according to your Spiritual Fathers direction be sure to introduce yourself to our priest before the service. Ancient Faith of the Early Church. All her activities even her. Enjoyable easytoread and leavened with humor Welcome to the Orthodox Church is a gracious guide to the ancient faith of the Christian East. Our Church offers the fullness of the Orthodox Faith with all the.

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