Sufism and Politics in Morocco

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Författare: Abdelilah Bouasria

The key Islamist players on the Moroccan political stage are the Party of . Skickas inom 1015 vardagar.

Sufism In Morocco

Moroccan culture has been profoundly influenced by Sufism. This paper analyses the role of Sufi sm in education and politics in contemporary Morocco through a. This interdisciplinary volume brings together histories and experiences of Sufism in various parts of Africa offering case studies on several countries that include Morocco Algeria Senegal Egypt Sudan Mali and Nigeria. Sufism and Politics in Morocco Activism and Dissent outlines an ambitious argument that posits the absence of politics in the Moroccan Sufi Boutchichi order to be a political gesture in its own right. Shehata Samer. Sufism and Politics in Morocco Written by Abdelilah Bouasria Presenting a political history and sociology of Moroccan Sufism from colonialism to the modern day this book studies the Sufi model of Master and Disciple in relation to social and political life comparing the different eras of acquiescent versus dissident Sufism. Today many countries are approaching. to the government. Sufism seemed first to be present in Morocco in the beginning of the eleventh century Cornell 1998 4. Henry Munsons Religion and Power in Morocco as its title suggests addresses the relationship between Islam and political power in Morocco beginning in 632 and ending in the 1990s. in Morocco is the Boutchichiya Zawiya which has been playing an important role in political Islam since the protectorate. The monarchy is very old the current dynasty dates back to the mid17th century and. Read Sufism and Politics in Morocco Activism and Dissent by Abdelilah Bouasria available from Rakuten Kobo. By Abdelilah Bouasria. Research Proposal on Sufism and Politics Assignment The past millennium has been an eventful and frequently violent period in the history of Morocco as first one and then another foreign power sought to rule the Moroccan people and exploit its resources. Introduction.

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